PCT Day91 Guye Cabin (8/13, 2,471-Snoqualmie)

Today was a town day, a real one that I stay in a town. 22miles to go, a half day hike. I’ve been pushing hard, 12hours hike everyday covering 37miles average since started WA. It was a bit too much.

久々のタウンデイ、今日は緩めの35km。ワシントンに入ってからは1日12時間で平均毎日59km歩いてる事に⁉︎ 自分でもビックリしたけどそろそろ休憩が必要だな。

Big blueberries!


Snoqualmie Pass, small ski resort.

Snoqualmie Passは小さなスキーリゾート。

Dru Bru brewery was a nice spot to chill out.

Dru Bru breweryでローカルビールとつまみを食べて~

Aardvark Express


Dave from Aardvark Express serve tasty Asian food. I got free beer, purchased big portion of curry. And he gave me a ride to the cabin.

Aardvark Express(アジアン料理) のデイブが食事の後に今夜泊まるキャビンまで送ってくれて至れり尽くせり~

Washington Alpine Club Guye Cabin. Staying here was a pleasure! Volunteer hosts welcome PCT hiker. And Richard, tonight’s host and his daughter were providing dinner and breakfast! I ate already and leaving early missing breakfast too. But I’d love to take a zero here. This big spacious cabin is great place to relax.

ワシントン登山会が管理しているGuye Cabinはボランティアのホストが交代制でPCTハイカーを迎えてくれるお得な宿泊先。寝るのはバンクベットだけどゼロとっても良いくらいリビングやダイニング、キッチンが充実している。自分は食事をした後だったから遠慮したけど、今夜のホストRichardと娘さんは夕食も朝食も用意してくれてた~素晴らしい!


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