Today was another beautiful day. After Cispus Pass was one of my favorite.

今日も気持ちの良い朝から始まった~、Cispus Passを越えたとこからはPCTの中でも1番のお気に入り!

Love these fluffy plants all over the field.


What a neat work making the wall by the trail with scree!


It wasn’t on Guthook app but just off the trail icy cold spring was waiting for me.


Snow again, great treat for the day.


I choose alt route to see Knife’s Edge from above. I think every hiker love walking on ridge.

Knifes Edgeを上から眺めれるオプションのルートに登ってみる事に、多分ハイカーの殆どは尾根歩きが好きだと思う。気持ちいいからね~

Small smoke in the center was the new fire.


At Tieton Pass Junction the PCT was closed. Detour was taking Clear Fork Trail to get to HWY12 then hitch to Packwood or White Pass.

Tieton PassのジャンクションからはPCTは通行止めなので回り道のClear Fork Trailを歩いてHWY12に出る。そこからはヒッチでWhite Passに向かう予定。

New fire started nearby here 2 days ago and I saw more than 15 forest service staff and 5,6 helicopters working on the fire.


Four rangers were maintaining the trail and they were camping nearby.


I didn’t mean to come to Packwood, a small town on HWY12. But a car was about to leave and waved me when I got out from the detour.

Packwoodには来る予定無かったけど、丁度道に出た時に他のハイカーを乗せた車が手を振っていたので便乗。目的地White Passの反対方向に向かったけど、まあいっか~

Hitching from the edge of the town.


Howard is driving this road everyday and he told me whenever he sees the hikers he gives a ride. Thanks!


A hundred of tents on the ski field were for the fire staff.


Lizard & Roadrunner, we met on Bridge of the Gods. Since then bumping each other every day.

LizardとRoadrunnerはBridge of the Godsで出会ってから毎日出くわす高速歩行コンビ、休んでる時に追い越すけどね~

The hiker box at White Pass was full of food!!! I swapped almost all my food. Then hiked a few miles out.

White Passのハイカーボックスは食料で溢れてた!!! 持ってた食料の殆どを入れ替える事に~その後は少し歩いてキャンプ。


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