PCT Day86 Town or Woods (8/8, 2,198-2,230mile)

Whole day I was thinking about Trout Lake, 13miles away from the trail. I had enough food to the next stop but maybe get to the town just eat and head out. It certainly slows me down but why not the real food is always good!

今日は歩きながら一日中Trout Lakeに寄ろうか寄らまいか考えてた。食料を送ったWhite Pass迄の十分な食料はあるけどヒッチして食べて戻ってくればいいだけ。時間のロスはあるけどリアルな食事は魅力的~

Blueberries & Huckleberries

This trail magic was just before the road to Trout Lake. Fruits and juices, granola bars, snacks, coffee as well. Wow I had no info about it and that made me happier.

予想もしてないところでトレイルマジック!Trout Lakeへの道の少し手前で出会う、フルーツやジュース、コーヒー、グラノーラバーやスナックなどが入っていた。

Thanks for the magic I didn’t go to Trout Lake. I took it was a sign. Also I had an avocado for boost up my dinner. Avocado is so good!



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