PCT Day85 Stable Fly (8/7, 2,166-2,198mile)

Since I enter Washington I noticed more flies around which bites you. It’s called Stable Flies very common around the world.


I’ve seen them on the PCT got some bites. But the last two days they were crazy. They didn’t care deet just bites and sucks your blood.


You don’t get itchy after bite so no need to worry about that. But It was very annoying them flying around, crowing on my skin and biting.


Only I could do was covering my self and walk fast. And when I set up my shelter stay in all the evening. Which I don’t mind after walking 12hours I need a good rest anyway.


Washington is green much more than anywhere on the PCT. I like that also it’s humidity is higher that make me feel good. Not like Japan hot wet humidity but mild. I wish those flies would disappear farther north.


Stable Fly (pic from wiki)



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