PCT Day81 Umbrero (8/3, 2,119-Cascade Locks)

Today was the last walk in Oregon. I wanted to hike Eagle Creek Trail, an alternative route, recommended also shorter than the official one. But it was still closed due to the fire damage. Well then 28miles for today.

今日でオレゴンは終了!昨日のキャンプ地から街へは、お勧めされているEagle Creek Trailで降りたかったんだけど、火事のダメージで通行止め。公式ルートより少し短いので早く着けると思ってたけど残念、今日は45km。

All morning I was in clouds kinda wet and cold. But it got better once we started descending.


Montbell Crashable Umbrero. I wore on TA and love it so I brought for PCT as well.


Made a reflective cover for the desert part. Used it only few times. It didn’t get too hot, only a few days.


Colombia River and Cascade Locks. There will be a big party, PCT Days, in two weeks here. I wanted to participate but with my calculation I’ll be too deep in woods to come back, so no chance.

Colombia RiverとCascade Locksが見えてきた、2週間後にはここでPCT Daysってお祭りが開催される。とっても参加したいんだけど今後の予定を計算すると、その週末は人里離れた山の中…参加はほぼ出来ないでしょう…残念。



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