The last few days everyone was talking about BUFFET at Timberline Lodge. Not only thru-hikers but all the hikers around.

ここ数日のハイカーの会話はTimberline Lodgeのブッフェの事ばかり、スルーハイカーに限らずセクションハイカーからも同じ話がでる。


Timberline Lodge

At the entrance I run into Dahn from Canada who I met in front of Hiker’s Depot in Tokyo then on Te Araroa. He is hiking South Bound I was really happy to see him again!

なんと入り口でDahnとバッタリ、カナダ人の彼とはTA前にハイカーズデポ の前で会い、TAで追いついてきた。PCTをSOBOで歩いてるのはIshaから聞いてたけど再会できて良かった~

I heard the breakfast buffet was the best so I got here at 7:30 when they start serving.


The movie “Shining” was filmed here. You could find the axe somewhere in this building but I couldn’t…


Berry water

Salmon Berries started on PCT.

Watermelon/Kousuke, the first south bound Japanese hiker! He made his backpack too. I wished I had more time talking with him.


Set up my shelter next to huckleberry trees.

Later I found that Lunch Buffet looked way better. Also you can take a shuttle bus to Portland from here for zero, when you come back another chance to eat the buffet again!




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