It was tiring walking on the lava field yesterday. Yet I was still in volcanic land.


One third of trail was like this. Took me forever. Still nothing beats knee-deep muddy jungle trail on TA.


Finally out of lava and arrived Big Lake Youth Camp. I could see it very welcoming.

溶岩帯抜けてBig Lake Youth Campに到着、歓迎されてる感が半端ない!

A huge dining room were filled with two hundreds kids. They offer hikers to get food first. What a place!

食堂はキャンプ参加者200人位の子供達で溢れてるんだけどハイカーは優先して列の先頭に‼︎ なんて良いところなんだ~

This nacho was a dinner. I had a lunch when I arrived, two meals here were great(donations accepted).


This is PCT Hut where hikers can get shower/laundry/charge/hang around/correct food box/hiker box. Basically everything hiker need is here expect no lodging. No overnight use for hikers it’s Youth Camp after all. Though there is a nice campsite outside their property by the lake. Love this place!

これはPCTハイカー小屋、シャワー/洗濯/充電/荷物の受け取り/ハイカーボックス、必要なものが全て揃ってる!ただし宿泊は出来ないんよね、でも敷地外の湖のほとりには中々のキャンプ地があるらしい~オレゴン1のWELCOMING SPOT!



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