The best water is from springs then creeks, rivers, lakes, ponds. It’s not about the taste, after filtering not much difference. But temperature the colder the better. Imagine drinking warm water in a hot day who likes that.


Breakfast at Elk Lake Resort. It opens 9am on weekend and I got there right on time, perfect!

Elk Lake Resortで朝ごはん。丁度オープンする時間に到着できて大満足!

Sister Spring mi1,972. It’s coming right below the mountain.

No filter needed, ranger approved, fresh clean ice-cold water! It was so good!!!

Sister Springは山の麓の岩の間から溢れ出てる湧き水。少し手前で作業してたレンジャーからフィルターしなくても大丈夫だよって聞いていた。ボトルに詰めてそのまま飲んで見たらキンキンに冷えてて美味しい~!

Lava field suddenly appeared. It was rare and beautiful but I didn’t like it. I mean I like how it looks but not in the end of the day. I was tired and lava field was the most uncomfortable path on PCT. I was sure it gives me great sleep tonight and sure it did.




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