PCT Day73 Shortcut (7/26, 1,878-1,906mile)

At Windigo Pass, there was a post about shortcut to get Shelter Cove. Where my new shirts was waiting. It says 9-10miles shorter?! Well I was thinking to get dinner there now I could get lunch!

Windigo Passには小さなメモ書きがあり、今日向かうShelter Coveまでの近道が書いてあって15km位短いらしい。Shelter Coveには新しいシャツが届いてる筈で、着いたらディナーを食べようと思ってたけど、これならランチに間に合う~

Crescent Lake

Spinach Wrap and Crispy Chicken Salad with beer. It was good quality of food yum yum!


We got here early and thought about hiking out later but our package wasn’t here yet…the lady in the shop said it probably come 4-5pm. And delivery was late so ended up staying here tonight.



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