Castle Crags

On TA we carried Solar Puff(solar powered lantern/warm) and it was great to have it. Especially when we stayed in huts. Much better than headlamps’ hard light.


This time I have Petzl e+Lite and iPhone SE. I found iPhone is better to use walking in dark, wedged it into my pants. e+Lite lasts long but gradually darken not enough light for me to walk in early morning.

今回はPetzlのe+LiteとiPhone SEのみ。e+Liteのバッテリーはもちが良いものの少しづつ暗くなる、少しでも暗くなると早朝歩くには暗過ぎて路面の確認が難しい、サンダルウォーカーには辛い。途中からiPhoneをショーツのウエストに挟んで歩くのが足元照らせて十分な明るさ!

Handy-Washlet become a lantern with iPhone.


Latest setup I like was putting bug net only. You don’t wanna stay in your quilt in warm night but mosquitoes eat you alive.




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