PCT Day66 Bear/Hiker Box (7/19, 1,485-1,501mile)

Just 16mile to the junction then 3mile road walk to Castella where the little shop accepts resupply packages. We sent them here too. This time we knew they’d been delivered.


The other side of junction, a new hostel called Crossroad. The owner, Kelly is a thruhiker and leaving magic at the trailhead, nice!

ジャンクションを逆方向に進むとある新しいホステル, CrossroadのオーナーKellyはスルーハイカーで、ここのトレイルヘッドにマジックを設置している~

Ammirati’s Market the one accepts packages. Castella is nothing but this store next to post office. Got my package and ate some food but it was the hottest time of the day so we waited here for few hours.

このAmmirati’s Marketが荷物を預かってくれる。Castellaは郵便局と、このお店以外特に何もないけど、軽食、スナックやドリンクも買える。荷物も受け取ったけど、丁度一番暑い時間帯で少し待つ事に。

Ended up a campground nearby. This place has a PCT reserved area which has a bear box. Inside the box was full of hiker food and apple tea whisky! Had a couple of sips and one dehydrated food for breakfast tomorrow morning. Thanks!



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