PCT Day63 Blogging (7/16, Burney Ranch-1,419mile)

Waited our packages all morning. Then it got really hot, over 100℉.


Tar caught us up, relaxing with Duke.


I was so much behind with our blog. Most of the stay here I spent time catching up. Walking day is too busy walking then taking care of my feet. And even in town busy fixing gear or planning ahead also stuffing up my self, not much time for blogging…


Soaked up then dove into the heat.


Just 9 mile for today to get to Burney Falls. Bought a beer and a tomato juice. Cold drinks are the best on hot day of course.

スタートが遅かったのもあり、今日は約14km先のBurney Fallsへ、ショップがあるからビールとトマトジュースを頂き!暑い日の終わりの冷たいドリンクは最高~


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