PCT Day61 First Rain/Thunder (7/14, 1,350-1,393mile)

It was cloudy yesterday evening though I did cowboy camping. And of course it started raining at 5am. No prob I usually get up at 4am, well actually I couldn’t wake up this morning but thunder did at 4:55!


Just in time I packed up and ran into toilet to repack. The rain lasted about an hour, not too bad here. But later I heard this storm caused 30 forest fires in Oregon!


The first 23miles were flat in forest, smooth surface and easy walk. I was speeding, faster than ever made 23mile in 6.5 hours!


Old Station, a tiny town right next to PCT. I found out this place 4 miles back searching for the next water. Sometimes it’s good not to plan ahead. My fastest record, I gave myself a reward!

Old StationはPCTに隣接する小さな観光地。6km手前まで存在に気付かず、たまたま水場を調べてたら発見!たまには予定立てずに歩くのもサプライズがあって良いかも~最速の記念に自らご褒美!

Thunder cloud again! The rain lasted half hour and it was very nice shower in a hot day. Twice in a day and it was the first rain on PCT!!!


Mile 1,387 was the spot you gotta stop! The coolers filled with cold water, pops and candies are often refill by local angels, THANKS!!!


American size “watage”.




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