Mountain of sugar!


Back to the junction. It was eAsy hitch, Trail Angel picked us up to the junction where we left yesterday. She brought this board up for us taking pics.


Dolly(Eri) was the second Japanese I met on PCT. She just finished PCT here. She only have three months visa and mid point was the goal for her. Congrats!!!


Never had cloudy day like this on PCT.


I’m getting used to with Lunas!


From last year you must carry a bear proof canister for overnight stay in Larsen Volcanic National Park (1,346~1,365mile).

どうも去年からLarsen Volcanic National Park (1,346~1,365mile)の区間でキャンプするにはベアキャニスターが必要になったらしい。

My bear canister is in Vancouver now. Well just four miles in, there is Warner Valley Campground with bear boxes. That was the place for tonight.

既にベアキャニスターはバンクーバーに送ってたけど、8km程先にあるWarner Valley Campgroundにはベアボックス(熊対策の食料箱)があるから、そこでキャンプするのはキャニスター無しでも許可されている。勿論そこが今夜の宿~


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