Town day again!

Almost two months to the midpoint and one and half month to Canada!


No mood for pizza but we dropped off right in front of Pizza Factory. Fortunately they have salad bar and that was all I needed! Of course I had some pizza too.

ピザの気分じゃなかったけど、一緒に乗ってたハイカーの希望でお店の前で降りたから~。でもPizza Factoryはサラダバーがあるから問題なし!

Our plan was eat and get our packages then keep hiking. But we ended up staying a night here. The problem was there was no vacancy in town. In the end we stayed at bed&breakfast which usually doesn’t accept hikers. Thanks for Lucy who booked a room for us! It was over 100℉ and we were really happy to stay in.




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