PCT Day54 Happy Trail Magic (7/7, 1,161-1,184mile)

Get up 4am still dark, cook, eat, pack up usually start hiking at 5:15. Just light enough to walk without headlight.


Our plan was 25mile today and 10mile to get Sierra City tomorrow. Then we saw a sign “Little Trail Magic at camp13”. Well it was dated today so decided to check it out.

今日は40km先の水場を目指し、そこから明日は16km先のSierra Cityに立ち寄る予定だったけど舗装道路に出たところで “Little Trail Magic at camp13”ってサインがあったので寄ってみる事に~

At Pass Creek Campground #13, two nice ladies were camping for thru-hikers! Gave us cold drinks, snacks then later dinner with beer too.

Pass Creek Campgroundの13番ではトレイルエンジェルズがスルーハイカーの為にキャンプしていて、冷たいドリンクとスナックでもてなしてくれ、ビール付きの夕食まで頂いた。

Jun came by and left with his friend!


Amazing trail angels who served us great. When we told them leaving early next morning they handed us fruits and muffin for breakfast. Thanks a lot!!!



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