I saw a zert when I got to Glen Aulin Sierra Camp last night. So in the morning I talked to the owner and he is Japanese. Mr.Tsumori(IKEA), he lives in Canada walking home on foot!


Caught up with Kaptain before Benson Pass. He told me there was a nice campsite by Benson Lake just 6 mile ahead. I thought about stopping early and sleep well would be great for today.

スヒードハイクしてたら同じ日にスタートしたKaptainに追いつけた~、この先のBenson Lakeはビーチがあって中々のキャンプサイトだとKaptainから聞いたので早目の店じまい。

It was 3pm when I arrived at the lake. Pitched my shelter and relaxed. Then went to check the creek one goes into the lake and saw rainbows over 12inches!!


Jeremy from Alaska.

That was the best fishing ever! It was hard compared to the rest of fishing experiences on trail. I guess it’s bigger the smarter. Anyway it turned out great meal too.

Love rainbows!





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