It was beautiful morning started walking along Thousand Island Lake. The color was amazing!

今朝の朝焼けは最高だった。ロケーションも大きい、朝一からThousand Island Lakeに沿ったトレイルで時間とともに色彩の変化が美しかった。

It was too pretty I and Jeremy lost track. We kept walking along the lake. There is trail but not PCT. Took us one hour to back on track but it worth it.


After 20miles we stopped at Tuolumne Meadow Store for resupply and eat.

20mile歩いたとこでTuolumne Meadowのショップにリサプライと食事のため立ち寄る。

The grill was busy but not that good. I guess there is no shop around here. BTW the store was well stocked, good for resupply.


Lembert Dorm is famous place for rock climbing.

After a feast at store we started again, Jeremy, Lilly Bird and me. I was full and slow but it was good exercise in that state. I wish I have bigger stomach!

食べて飲んでお腹いっぱいだったけど少し進むために出発、新たにLilly Birdも加わり3人で歩き出したけど満腹すぎて早く歩けず置いてかれる。キャンプに着く頃にはお腹も落ち着きぐっすり寝れる事に。胃を大きく出来たらいっぱい食べても問題なく歩けるかな~



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