PCT Day41 Town Day (6/24, 901-Mammoth Lakes)

Just 6miles to Red’s Meadow Resort then take a bus to Mammoth Lakes!

9kmちょっとでRed’s Meadow Resort、そこからバスを乗り継げば9日ぶりの街!

When I got off the bus Jeremy was there and offered me to share the motel room nearby.


Had a tasty lunch and smoothie at organic cafe. It’s been nine days since I left Lone Pine. Having real food surely satisfied me!


Hyunjun’s been in town for two nights. He did 40miles and rushed to get the town.


Except the shuttle from Red’s Meadow Resort, buses here are free and easy to go around. Dinner was Mexican, three of us and Kaptain.

Red’s Meadow Resortからのシャトルバス以外、街の中を走ってるのは無料バスで簡単に回れる。夕食は3人プラスKaptainと一緒にメキシカン、一日中食べた~


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