PCT Day39 Trail Sashimi (6/22, 856-873mile)

I had 7days of food with me from Lone Pine and it’s been 7days. I still have some left which I could stretch for 2 more days to Mammoth Lakes. But I was hungry.

Lone Pineを出発した時に用意したのは7日分の食料、そして今日で7日が経つ。少しセーブしてたのと釣果のお陰であと2日かかるMammoth Lakes迄は保たせれるけど、我慢しないといけないレベル。

Muir Trail Ranch is popular resupply point for JMT hikers. Hikers send food packages here and leave exceeded food in well organized hiker boxes. For PCT hikers it’s a great spot for free resupply.

Muir Trail Ranchは長年JMTハイカーの食料補給地点として有名で、数週間前にバケットに詰めた食料を郵送、余分な食料は設置されているハイカーボックスに残し、PCTハイカーが漁る仕組み。

Each buckets has different label on. The problem was it’s too early season for JMT hikers to drop enough food for PCT hikers. When I got here this morning the boxes were empty. Luckily JMT hikers came in and gave us some food. Thanks guys!


I dropped my sunglasses at the camp. Now I got enough food I decided to go back for them. It’s cost me nearly 7miles…


I saw bigger trouts a mile before Selden Pass. I couldn’t resist catching them. Also I knew there’d be snow around Selden Pass and I’ve had an idea for a while!

Selden Passの少し前に大きめの魚影を発見、尺はいかないし未だ先は長かったけど釣り開始!この先少し行けば雪が残ってるはずだから試したかったアレが出来る~

Trout and Salmon have parasite. You need to kill them by freeze or smoke. My idea was keep them in snow hoping to kill the parasites. It was the best trout on trail, Sashimi was great the worth the risk.


Some hikers tried Trail Sashimi some not because I explained the risk.

Anyway I’d try it again if there is a chance!




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