There’s a log to cross rivers most of the time on PCT. Compare to TA that’s a big difference. No mutter how hard you try your shoes will get wet on TA.


I don’t really use those but in the cold morning I do.


I was tired from yesterday. And I wanted stop early so I can get my clothes clean as well as myself. Also need to get more food rather than stretching remaining supplies.


After Mather Pass, Grouse Meadows was the camp point for tonight. This was the ideal location both cleaning and fishing!

Mather Passの後に泊まる場所を探してたら打って付けのロケーションを発見!Grouse MeadowsはKings Riverが緩やかに流れててテントを張れる場所からも近いので決定。

Four trouts for dinner and rest of them for lunch tomorrow. Gas was getting low as well. Dinner was totally relied on fire for tonight.


Big game wasn’t my plan at this point.




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