Breakfast and supper are usually soup with quinoa and chia seeds, some dried veggies, beans, miso/curry/potato flavor, whatever I can find in shop.


Presoaked quinoa was sprouted! Later I realized I bought sprouted quinoa…

一晩水につけたキノアが発芽~ 後に気づいたけど発芽キヌアを買ったんだった。

The last stretch of desert for 5 days to Kennedy Meadows.

1ヶ月近く歩き続けてる砂漠地帯も後5日、本格的な山岳地帯のKennedy Meadowsまであと少し。

Always look for nice shaded spot with bench.


Least agile lizard. Rest of lizards in desert dashing fast and hopping rocks too.


Water to water, almost always hike to water sauce then hydrate and stock enough water to the next sauce. Can’t wait to get to Kennedy Meadows.

水場から水場への毎日、水場に着くと飲めるだけ飲んで必要最低限の水を浄水して次の水場へ、Kennedy Meadowsまであと少しの我慢!



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