It was easy hitch last night. A family gave me a ride live right next to airport. The farther told me to get into the gap of fences and go straight.


Campsite is right next to runaway, cool!


My first zero day started with breakfast. It was huge salad at Kohnen’s Country Bakery with cheez cake. The salad was so big it became my lunch too.

初のゼロデイはKohnen’s Country Bakeryでの朝ごはんから、サラダとチーズケーキを頼んだら食べきれない量のビックサラダ!半分食べて残りはランチに~

Wits’ End, packages, mails, rides and informations. I went there for check local info.

Wits’ Endはローカルのトレイルエンジェルがハイカーのために開放している。郵便物やメールを預かってくれて、情報も豊富。

Second lunch was at Thai restaurant after resupply. Got a ride back on a covered pickup track. I could sleep here!


Second Japanese on PCT! His name is Shu(L) and Hoon from South Korea. Did resupply and lunch together.


The dinner was steak salad at Big Papa’s Steakhouse with Kaptain and Brandon. I was eating all day and that was great!

締めくくりのディナーは同じ日にスタートしたKaptainとBrandonと一緒にBig Papa’s Steakhouseでステーキサラダ。初のゼロデイは一日中食べ歩いて満腹!

Back to the campsite, Hoon gave me a amazing drowning! Wow he made it better than I am.

Thanks Hoon!





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