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PCT Day23 Hiker Town (6/6, 508-517.6mile)

9miles only, easy day!


Hiker Town isn’t a town. It’s like a miniature western movie set. This place is welcoming hikers for years. Tenting is free and beds in these little buildings are just $10. It was windy and I needed a good sleep so I took one of them.


There is a shatter every hour to Neenach Cafe&Market. I had double cheez burger and Miller High Life. Later I came back here and had the same food again!

6km離れたNeenach Cafe&Marketに毎時間シャトルが出てるので、10時の便で行きダブルチーズバーガーとビールを頼む、午後また戻ってきて同じものを注文、よく食べた1日だった~

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