Today was as hot as yesterday. Hikers were either left early or waiting for the evening to night hike. And I waited.


It was kinda noisy, choppers were flying, sirens in distance. Then huge smoke went up on north of Agua Dulce, the direction we were heading later and bunch hikers would be walking.


The smoke got bigger and bigger, it was crazy.

30-40 pair of used free shoes here. There is REI, Outdoor shop, you can arrange transportation to get to. Thru-hikers usually use 3-5 pair on PCT. And hikers say your feet get one or half size bigger on thru-hike.

My feet didn’t change during TA and according to “Born to Run”, it’s because too much protection your shoes have that causes your feet week and make less arches. So the feet get flat and get bigger. Make sense, isn’t it?


テアラロアでは自分の足のサイズは変わらなかった。”Born to Run”では高い靴ほど足をより保護してくれるけど、保護される部分は逆に弱る。アーチサポートはアーチの筋肉を弱らせよりフラットな足になってしまう。アーチが無くなるとその分足も大きくなっちゃうよね~

Isha having a Zero Day here. Hope to see you on the trail!


The fire was on or close enough to the PCT so Hiker Heaven and trail angels gave us a ride to the safe point.


Kevin, Trail Angel and “Trail Gorillas”, who maintains the PCT in Southern California for 20 years (left) & Donna Saufley(“L-Rod”, right) who runs Hiker Heaven with her husband Jeff.

Donna walked PCT with Chacos, a sandal walker!

Kevin(左)はトレイルエンジェルでありSouthern Californiaのトレイルを20年整備してくれてる通称”Trail Gorillas”の1人。Donna Saufley(“L-Rod” 右)はHiker Heavenを夫のJeffと一緒に開いている。なんと彼女はチャコでPCTを歩いたサンダルハイカー!

8 of us started 6pm, sunset is about 8pm and you could walk without a torch till 9pm. My aim was 12.6mile away, the next water point.


I made it by 10pm and I liked not only night hike but walking in the magic hour after sunset!





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