Tim & Share Baby brought a big trail magic at mile 418.6, Mill Creek Fire Station! Share Baby did PCT last year.

Tim & Share Babyが418マイル地点の消防署にトレイルマジックを持ってきてくれた!Share Babyは去年PCTを歩いたらしい。

Strawberries, cherries, bananas, oranges and fruits juice!


Lots beers!!! This is after everyone took their beer and another box of beer too.


It was 18miles already and I decided to go another 18miles after 3 beers!


My left huarache broke too. Used guy line to fix.


North Fork Station at mile 436 has a little shop for hikers. Ice creams, pops, snacks and apples for one dollar each. I got there around 8pm and a hiker told me the shop just closed but Ron from the station waved me to come in. Thanks Ron!

In total of 35.5mile, my personal record.

North Fork Stationにはハイカー用に小さなショップを開いているけど、ちょうど閉まったって聞いてガッカリ、でもスタッフのロンが手招きしてくれてアイスとアップルゲット!



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