Clouds basted below me this morning.


Today I reached closed trail at 168.8mile then decent on Spitler Peak Trail.

168.6mileのPCT上の立入禁止ポイントでSpitler Peak Trail を降る。

A little surprise was waited for me.


Bananas, apples and oranges thanks! I was hungry and only little water left.

Once out the trail I got a ride to Idyllwild. Very nice couple offered me a ride to post office. I had my bouncebox sent here spare sandals and some spices. Collected them put more things in and sent to Wrightwood 396mile.


Nomad Venture, great selection for hikers and climbers.

Junki(Bonfire), we met at Scout&Frodo. There were one more Japanese hiker in town but I had no chance to meet him. Happy trail!


Best burger so fur at Village Market.

After a big meal I headed out to the other side of closed section at 177.3mile. Collected water then back to ridge 178mile. It was dark when I finished the day, exhausted. Cowboy camp again under half moon!

腹ごしらえしたら今度は177.3mileのポイントにSouth Ridge Trailを登り、水を汲んで178mileに戻る。風もなかったし疲れていたのでまたカウボーイキャンプ!半月が綺麗だったな~



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