I watched “Wonder” on the way home from Auckland. I have to admit that basically I couldn’t stop my tears also laughs on the airplane.


Audiobooks I brought here are all English and most of them are turned into movies. So I understand better. The third book on PCT was “Wander”.

It was the same as movie I cried and laughed while walking. “Kinder than Necessary” was the line I remember the most. On PCT Trail Angels, local community and most of the hiker themselves are well fit to “Kinder than necessary” I suppose.


映画と同じで歩きながら泣き笑い、その中で使われた”Kinder than necessary”って言葉が一番印象に残っている。PCTではトレイルエンジェルを含めハイカー同士やローカルの人々の優しさは”Kinder than necessary”って言葉がぴったり。



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