Do I like hiking?

Yes but I don’t love hiking.

The reason I’m here walking the PCT is I wanted to do it before. But if anyone asks me now I don’t know why.

I had a plan walking PCT or AT or CDT last year but I didn’t. Then got married and we wanted to have a baby so no thru-hiking I thought. Then I accidentally found Te Araroa in New Zealand and did it with Kei as our honeymoon. That was wonderful journey we did it together. But now I’m out here alone with basted legs 2,500 miles to go.


去年PCT, AT, CDTのどれかを歩こうと思っていたけど歩かなかった。その後四月に結婚してもうスルーハイクは出来ないと思ってたけど、たまたまニュージーにあるTe Araroaを発見、渓と一緒にハネムーンとして歩くことになった。一生の思い出に残る良き旅だったと思う。けど今はPCTで1人、足の調子が悪いのに未だ4,200km以上もある…

The first water cashes for me. 0.2 miles off the trail was worth the trip!


I saw a runner in distance while I was resting. He had nothing but yellow tapes. Later I found these tapes along the way. He was marking the trail on the way of his run.

I met many PCT hikers on TA and everyone of them loved PCT. The runner with ribbons, former PCT hikers and locals around the trail put so much love into it. I believe that makes this trail special.



I hiked much slower than yesterday, having more rests and stretch in between. And it didn’t come the pain I was expected. Also I only carry minimal water one sauce to another to reduce the pack weight. You can find the PCT Water Reports on the web and so fur it’s accurate.

I was so relieved that I could keen on walking.





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