We left Scout&Frodo before 6am. Frodo was staying so I thanked and hugged her.


Five volunteers including Scout who drove us to the Mexico border and they gathered everyone’s camera or phone to take group shots.


The first registration

Thanks Scout!

Thanks Pepa!

Around the first marker I realized I was walking too fast so I stopped and uploaded the group shot. Then waved to volunteers leaving and started again from the last of the group.


18 hikers from Scout&Frodo, I caught up with 15 of them. I wasn’t walking fast but didn’t take a break until 15miles and that was a huge mistake.


This trail is surrounded by granites boulders.

I knew my body wasn’t right condition not like when I started TA especially my knees. After 10 miles of hiking I felt it. The sign I thought it’d come later. My right knee was aching like the last 500km of TA. I couldn’t believe it started after 10 miles in the first day on PCT 10 miles…

I took a nap, rested for 2 hours and managed to get to the campsite. But the pain was still here in my right knee. Well, I’ve got to find a way or quit.





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