Scout and Frodo

I’ve been here for a while and finally starting PCT tomorrow!

渡米してScout&Frodo の所へ来て準備してたけど、いよいよ明日からPCT歩くー!

Most welcomed door for PCT

Scout&Frodo are Trail Angels who welcome PCT hikers to stay their place maximum of 3 nights. They organize and help us everything needed. Many volunteers here most of them are PCT hikers.

Scout&Frodoは現在66歳の夫婦で3/25〜5/15迄のPCT Permit Holder達に泊まる場所、食事、メキシコ国境のスタート地点までの送迎を細かく仕切ってくれるTrail Angels。もとPCTハイカーや知り合いがボランティアで参加して我々を助けてくれる感謝し切れない方々。

If you’re not sure about your gear just ask experienced hikers for reference. Get tips for packing and “shake down” it’s leaving some gears, stuff which you don’t need.


The house is an ideal location too. There’re 2 supermarket for food and post office next to it. Also they provide a ride to Outfitters and AT&T.


Scout & Frodo is doing this because they can. They got a lot of help during there PCT hike in 2007 and this is the return for it. That what They say at dinner talk.






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