New Shelter

Six Moon Design Deshtes Tarp Plus was the one we used on TA. It was a small shelter for two person but enough space for us to sleep. I love this simple hexagon shaped tarp wearing net skirt mono-pole shelter. This time I don’t need this much space so I made my own house, much lighter with minimal space.


TAではSix Moon Design Deshtes Tarp Plusを使用、一人用のシェルターで二人では狭いけど寝るには十分なスペースがあった。PCTは一人なのでサイズも落としてMinimal&Ultralightなシェルターを製作する事にした。

Deschtes Tarp Plus from Six Moon Design
It’s fun! shaping what you want is my favorite.

First I played with papers, hold and shape it then cut it again and again until I get ideal form with 1/10 scale. I had some ideas for the shelter and looked for other ideas online. And I found one simple shelter I never thought the idea by myself.

It’s called Cossy Shelter from Great Cossy Mountain. But it says no stock for a while. This simplicity is what I want. If I don’t have skill to make one I definitely call him to order.



そこでGreat Cossy Mountainのコッシーシェルターを見るけてしまった、今は在庫がないみたいだけど在庫あって作るスキルが無かったら買っちゃうな〜。何と言ってもそのシンプルさとSix Moonみたいな6角形のワンポールシェルター理想の形なんでデザイン頂きます!

I build it a little bigger than the original one. And made entrance lower for more protection I suppose.


My new house looks good isn’t it?



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