Huaraches / ワラーチ

Barefoot running attracted me a few years back and I made my first huaraches. Wearing huaraches and run with forefoot landing is the way to collect your running form. Since then I used them for jogging. But I never forget the first time I ran with, my calves got pumped and left a lots pain in them. And next morning my pee was as red as wine not blood color but wine red. I thought I got some sort of sickness. But that was the first time and the last I think it must related to that running.


数年前にベアフットランニングに興味を持ち始めた、自分は殆どランしてなかったけども。先ずはワラーチを作った。ランニングフォームを現代的なものから人間本来の “走り方” に戻す事で怪我をしにくい走法に持って行く。ワラーチは材料を集めるのも作るのも簡単だったから2年ほど前に自作して使っている。でも初めてワラーチでフォアフットランディングをした時のことは忘れられない、走った翌日に衝撃の事件が起きた!人生で初めての血尿だった、しかも血尿と呼ぶには色がワイン色だった。何かの病気に掛かったのかと心配したが、あれ以来ないので初のワラーチ走りによるものだと思っている。

Huaraches #1 Vibram 8338/7mm with 3mm yoga matte for upper layer.

I first thought of walking Te Araroa with huaraches but then I found out there was a guy did whole trail with them a few years ago then its not special anymore. Also I wasn’t confident enough to try my first through hike with them so instead I got Keen CNX. I heard there was one Maori guy did TA on barefoot, whole thing…that is crazy and amazing to me.



Keen CNX, my friend recommended and I loved it on TA.

This was definitely the best choice. On TA you barely keep your shoes dry even in sunny days. Lots of stream crossing, wet paths and morning dew, rain, TA is wet. I’ve been hiking with sandals had less protections than this for a while and I love CNX’s almost shoes like guard and thin sole so I can feel the ground.


Keen CNXでTAを歩いたのは正解だったと思う。TAでは靴をドライに保つのは殆ど不可能だ、と言うのもトレイル上ではほぼ毎日渡渉がありるし泥だらけの道、朝露の草原歩きも雨も多いからだ。過去5年の暖かい季節の登山はもっとカバーされていないテバサンダル等で歩いていたのでCNXのシューズシェイプのプロテクションはとても助かった。しかもテバなどに比べてソールも薄く大地を感じることが出来るのも楽しかった。

Second one, Vibram 8327/10mm with 3mm cork sheet.

Using normal cork sheet wasn’t a good idea. its rough and hardening my skin really quick. If you walk with sandals you build up your skins, it gets harder. But in my case on TA there was one problem with sandals. That was cracks, my skin gets harder and harder then lost flexibility and start cracking a little by little then cut the meat inside. I have to be careful about it on PCT.



PCT huaraches, Vibram 8327/10mm with4mm Neoprene sheet.

Finally I used neoprene sheet for upper layer and it gives me a lot comfort and fare grip even when it wet. I had neoprene socks on TA ,it kept my feet warm when it came to cold river crossing or just chilly morning. This time I was looking for ones have separate big toe so I can wear with huaraches.



Montbell has it for shower climbing, perfect!


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