Wow it almost there! Am I ready?


It’s been one month since I stopped walking. Tell you the truth I think through hiking is not healthy. First of all we can not eat well and second and the most it’s too much exercise for your body especially legs. And my knees are not healed yet.

Since I ran the canal from Tekapo my knees started aching and it got bad in the last 2 weeks of the hike. The problem was I stopped stretching because of pains and that made a bad cycle for my body.

I didn’t do any exercise for the first week when I got back to Tokyo and I felt it was healing but not first enough. Then I started yoga like stretch after shower and it made it better. Now I do stretch twice a day and walk a little bit. And it seems to me I’d be ready in two weeks.

Once Sunshine told me that one PCT hiker was used to be a runner but she couldn’t run for six months after PCT that scared me a lot.

Te Araroaを終えて1ヶ月、自分が思うにスルーハイキングはとっても不健康。先ずはまともな食事が摂れない、食料は重いから炭水化物にめっちゃ偏る、俺たちは他と比べるとかなりまともな食事だけども。そして一番なのが運動過多!4.5ヶ月で3,000km数字だけだと良くわかんないけど1日平均20km以上、歩かない日もあれば40km歩く日もある。4.5ヶ月…too much…。そしてあるく事をナメてた俺はテカポから走った後に膝を痛めてしまい、日々悪化。膝痛い曲げたく無い(レスト)→ストレッチ不足悪化の悪いサイクルにのめり込む。



Well as you know we had tiny backpacks on Te Araroa. It was small but heavy and this time I want my backpack to be much lighter. Is it possible? Well I’ll try!

I’ve been making new gears like

Backpack which will last for entire journey, the last one only withstand for 600km.

Shelter minimal and ultralight.

Sandals called huaraches less protection than Keen CNX and more freedom.

Trekking poles ultralight and stronger than before.




今回もサンダルしかも自作ワラーチ、Keen CNXよりプロテクションを減らして足にもっと自由を与える。


I’ll write about the details of MYOG next time.

See ya.

MYOG(make your own gear)についてはまた次回。



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