We headed out to Pirongia Summit. Heather told us we can make it in 8 hours and in between picnic are with swimming hole and campsite by river.

Mostly farmland walk with sheeps.

Wrong way! But we got a nice view of Mt.Pirongia behind the tree.

Young hedgehog was trapped in a hole. Baby ones’ spikes are not sharp but this size is hard to hold.

Put him back in wild hopping never goes down again!

When we reached swimming hole I found out there were many aquatic insects which I use it for bates. So I tried fishing (You need a license for fishing in fresh water here).
And in 5 min I saw huge one jumped and that was when I felt strong pull on my rod!!! Less than a minute fight it broke the hook and escaped…
Tried 2 hours I played with them second hit broke my rod, fixed and continued but no luck or I was not good enough.

First rainbow trout in NZ!

I asked Kei if we could stay a campsite nearby and do the mountain next day and she said ok. Thank goodness!
The huge one never come back but caught one for dinner. It was a good day for me.

Taco rice with trout.



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