Cheese & crackers for breakfast.

Trough ups&downs hilly section beside the river with grasses higher than us. Some hikers get hay fever. Fortunately we never even sneezed.

Waikato River is the longest in New Zealand, 425km.

Back to flat riverbanks and grasses are overgrown here too. And mostly riverbanks are bumpy by cows foot steps. It’s a part of farms.

Waikato River

Te Araroa Trail !!!

Rangiriri Peis is 6th in 10 best pie shop in NZ. You can’t miss it! Cathy, the owner let TAs stay her backyard for free also she does B&B if you need good sleep.
Of course our dinner was PIE~

Steak & Cheese and Mince & Cheese we ordered with fresh salad bowls! Big and heavy pies were yummy~. Nobu had one more Lamb Pie afterwards.



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