Northland Forest/Ahipara to KeriKeri Part2

Day 9(Nov.14) Eco Village to Mangamuka Dairy 138-162km

Beautiful forest with morning sunshine when we look up!

Finally we entered Ratea Forest Trail!

When you look down you see nice muddy two pair of shoes!

Maybe this mud is good for skin there is Natural skin care which people go and pay. We get it for free.

Rain started…

At the last part of the forest, shower started then pouring hard…all we can think about was the burger at the Dairy.

Strongly recommend with wedges instead of chips.

Day 10(Nov.15) Dairy to Pukatea Ridge Track 162-186km

Thanks for burgers&wedges and keep us dry!

Great place they have what we need and very helpful staff

Brave one! Others runaway.

A little one

there’re much fewer insects you can find here compare to Japan.

Through Manuka brossaming trees giant Kauri tree stands tall.

Manuka flowers resemble us Japanese cherry brossam in spring. We always have HANAMI which we eat and drink under them.

First river walking.

We’re lucky enough the water level was low. The water was cold though.

Love tea time in the forest!

Day 11(Nov.16) Pukatea to Puketi Forest Hut 186-199km

We booked a hut when we got signals. The hut has wood stove and fire wood is everywhere!

Just lovely
Concentrate tomato pouch mixed with herbed olives, garlic & Tuna pouch with mixed herb salt. Perfect meal with crackers!

Day 12(Nov.17) Puketi to Kerikeri 199-222km

In the evening rained a lot trough night. We were glad that we stayed in a little hut.

Puketi Forest Hut
Beach, Forest, River then Farmland walking with cows&sheeps well thought trail!

You guys are our dinner tonight, nice tender ramb!

We took a bus to Paihia because no vacancy at Kerikeri due to marathon competition on Satday. Likely we got the last bus.


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